3D printer’s enclosures let you print with a better quality, allow for the implementation of a filter (for VOC filtration) and protect the printer from dust

It is indeed possible to keep a consistent and predefined temperature inside the enclosure, which isn’t possible when the printer is in an open area.

Furthermore, particles created through the fusion of the materials causes VOC to spread in the air. It becomes important to ventilate the room, or, when this option doesn’t exist, to remove the air polluted by the particles.

The mechanical elements of the printer (motors, chrome rods, belts…) must be protected from dust in order for them to last longer.

Our enclosures are built with digital control tools, providing a top-notch product quality and making its assembly and using really easy.

Our box:

  • Prusa-box 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

    239,40  VAT included
  • Prusa-box Black Edition – 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

    287,40  VAT included
  • Printed parts for Prusabox

    66,00  VAT included
  • mmu2 integration kit for Prusa-box22.5

    27,00  VAT included

You’ll find in the assembly guide all information allowing for a quick and easy build.

Numerous mods will also allow you to adapt our enclosures to your needs.

3d printers accessories:

  • 12v switch for LED

    1,92  VAT included
  • LED strip for Prusabox

    19,20  VAT included
  • Sale!

    Dampers for 3d printer

    10,20  VAT included
  • Filament box – BETA test kit without box

    33,60  VAT included
  • HEPA & Carbon filter (1 set)

    16,20  VAT included
  • High pressure FAN for HEPA&Carbon filter

    23,40  VAT included
  • M3 Screws & Nuts set

    10,80  VAT included

Spare parts:

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