Printer-Box 3d printer enclosure

The Best Home For Your Printer

Printer Box is manufacturing 3d Printer enclosure kits
for Prusa mk3s, mk2.5s, bear kits

Why buy a box ?

Protect printer from dust

Protect bearings, rods, belts, and gears from dust

Reduce warping

Controlling air temperature reduces warping failure risks

Reduce printing noise

Keep printing noises inside
the enclosure

Remove VOC

Filtering air helps to remove Volatile Organic Compounds 

Discover all features !

Need Unicorn feet? 

How does it work?

Kit include:
Frame stainless steel parts
Transparent doors



The best home for your printer


Printer-box users:

8 reviews for Prusa-box 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

  1. Geir Oddbjørn Kråkholm

    Very happy with this enclousure, great quality, great price and it was very enjoyable to build it 🙂

  2. Charlie Rowell

    I really like the enclosure, it keep my printer safe. The modifications allowed me to customize your design to fit my needs. I recommend the Printer box to anyone looking for an enclosure.

  3. Corey Pelton

    Hands down the best enclosure you’ll find. It’s incredibly well thought out in its design. Top notch fit and finish. The optional mods are great too, and are continually refined and updated. The team is super helpful when you have a question and are quick to respond. I couldn’t be happier with the Prusa Box!

  4. Brett Ellis

    A lot of thought has gone into this box. Well designed with easy access to the printer.

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Black Friday

Black Friday

This is Black Friday and... our PrusaBox Black Editions are in stock! (photos coming) Get 20€ / $20 off of any kit(s) with coupon BF2021 until Sunday. >> Happy printing everyone!

3d printer noise test

3d printer noise test

We did noise test with several feet (average db value during 1 minute with Fairphone 3+): squash balls feet: 30.7db elastomer feet diameter 20mm / height 20mm: 30.5db elastomer feet diameter 20mm / height 25mm: 30.1db elastomer feet diameter 25mm / height 30mm: 31.5...

Improved enclosure corner

Improved enclosure corner

Prusabox corners parts are now easier to print. We removed the radius corner and we replaced it with a chamfer. It reduces the overhang and therefore is easier to print.Theses parts are still printable without supports. We also modified the M4 nuts slots to have a...

Prusabox fit Bear kit

Prusabox fit Bear kit

Prusabox enclosure for Bear kit!   It was in our plan from the beginning and now it is done. For this mod we only need to modify the printer feet. Base and feet are the same for each corner and will be adustable for all 20x20 aluminium frame.Due to the bear...

Hex key to screw driver transformer

HEPA carbon filter

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