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Printer Box is manufacturing 3d Printer enclosure kits
for Prusa mk2, mk3, mk4, bear kits, Caribou 3d

Why buy a box ?

Protect printer from dust

Protect bearings, rods, belts, and gears from dust

Reduce printing noise

Keep printing noises inside
the enclosure

Reduce warping

Controlling air temperature reduces warping failure risks

Remove VOC

Filtering air helps to remove Volatile Organic Compounds 

Our solutions:

Protect your Prusa Printers

Protect your Caribou3d printers

Protect your filament

Full package:
Printers with enclosure

3D Printing farm

We offer 3 different pack…

Buy a kit

Minimum kit is available for maker.
Available in stainless steel part or black edition.
All required printed parts are available in download section.

Buy full kit with printed parts

Prusabox pro pack kit is the best solutions for users that want all required parts in one package.

Buy complete solutions

We offer complete solutions for companies, tested and ready to print.

…. Or use our configurators to get your dream enclosure!

ModularBox for Bear kit/Caribou

Add every mods and options you need to your enclosure!

Assembled by our users:

Printer-box users:

18 reviews for PrusaBox - 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

  1. English


    I have finished the assembly of the PrusaBox.
    What a fantastic piece of hardware!!
    I am very happy. Now my Prusa MK4 is protected against dust and my two cats 😊.
    and it looks even nicer.

    My compliments to the designer of the enclosure for this clever project with so many ingenious solutions.

    Next I want to buy the box for the Prusa MMU3, LED lights, EPA filters … to have a full optional case.

    Thanks 👌

  2. English

    Don Ferris

    I have three Box’s and now i’m going to put together a spool tank. Great Products and customer service is top notch

  3. English

    Larry Joachim

    Bought the PrusaBox Pro—really like it Worth the money.

  4. English

    John Singleton

    Very nice product!!!

    I bought the version that supports the MMU. The MMU mod makes the MMU more accessible (not having electronics on top of unit). The downside is that the MMU is outside of the box and you get to hear the motors during load and unloads :(.

    I did not want to deal with 12V power supply. So I just bought a 24V LED strip and a 24V fan for the hepa/carbon filter deal. Then I wired these up directly to the Prusa’s power supply.

    Id also like to mention that I ordered the thicker plexiglass as I saw a review of someone who ordered the default thickness and it looked real flimsy.

    Lastly, expect to spend significant time printing all the needed parts. This is not a downside to the PrusaBox, but rather just a heads up.

    Unfortunately, my bottom frame came a bit warped, nothing major but certainly noticeable.

    Overall, this is a great product.

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HEPA carbon filter

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