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The Best 3d Printer Enclosure

Printer Box is a small company from France.
Our goals is simple: create the best 3d printer enclosure for the consumer.

Why buy a box ?

Reduce printing noise

Keep printing noise inside
the enclosure

Reduce warping

Controlling air temperature reduce warping failure risk

Remove VOC

Filtering air helps to remove Volatile Organic Compound 

Protect printer from dust

Protecting bearing, rods, belt, gear from dust 

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Need Unicorn feet? 

Last news

Beta version release of MMU2 mounting part

Beta version release of MMU2 mounting part

We are launching the BETA version of the mmu2 mounting part. Prusa box is still the same as available in the shop. Only dedicated printed part and top glass door. Top glass door is available for beta tester (send us an email) and will be available in our shop after...

Prusabox kit batch #1 are on the way!

Prusabox kit batch #1 are on the way!

All Prusa-box kit batch #1 left our factory this afternoon! For countries close to France or France, will be in the truck this evening. For USA/CANADA and other European countries, package will be in the plane this evening or tomorrow morning. I hope we will get nice...

Windows STL thumbnails

Windows STL thumbnails

Since I have started 3d printing, I have downloaded a lot of STL on my computer and sometimes it is difficult to find back the good one. A nice feature to make it easier is to have a preview of the file directly on windows file browser. This morning, I found Papa’s...

Hex key to screw driver transformer

HEPA carbon filter

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