1) Components:

For my first DIY enclosure I used a big power supply similar to 3d printers power supply. For this project I decided to use an 12V 5A AC adapter from Amazon for 12$:

In order to plug the Raspberry, we need to supply 5V and I choose a JZK power module with USB plug:

2) Wiring:

With this components no soldering, no more cable, it is ready to plug !

Raspberry PI start perfectly without any plug or connection problem. 


3) Light component:

I choose 5050 led strip pasted on cheap plastic profile.

3 sides of the enclosure will be lighted.
Total 84 x 5050 leds = 16.8 Watt = 1.4A (12V)
With this configuration I get approximately 1400 Lumens, That is good enough for lightening an enclosure.

On this configuration, led strip will be on top of the enclosure, on left, right and front side.

There is also led strip with higher density of led, therefor it is possible to add light only on 2 sides of the enclosure.

4) Light wiring:

I used the free 12V connector on JZK power bulk to connect the wire with a On/Off “Rocker Switch” from ebay.

For testing, I add a small mini DC voltmeter (from ebay also) to check USB voltage.

Soldering was easy to do on led strip.

It is also possible to use a relay board to control light with Octoprint. There is a nice plugin to do that : Enclosure plugin.


5) Testing lights:

I make a small video to show you led strip brightness.

You can see also that USB voltage stay stable when I switch on/off lights.


Next step?

I would like design a stand alone case for the JZK module. I would like also design led strip support in order to don’t need to buy plastic profile.

To be continued..


It was an easy and quick project to do a stable power supply for the Raspberry PI.

Adding lights cost was also very limited: below $5 !!!

Feel free to send us all your suggestions.

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