Prusa box – printed parts

Printed part STL will be release after design validation.
We are continuously improving our design.

General printing instruction:

All our developpment was done with settings below, therefore we recommend:

  • Material: PETG, Prusament.
  • Printer / printing / filament settings : Defaut settings by Prusa
  • Infill: 60% for structure parts (8 corners parts), others parts 30%


All STL files in one zip:


2021-02-04: correction of top back corner missing
2021-01-14: add light, air vent, webcam, STEP files
2021-01-12: add printer foot, control panel, Raspberry Pi, webcam c270, cable management
2021-01-07: mod for 2mm thickness doors
2021-02-20: PSU parts add, missing part add and more


MMU2 unit mounting part BETA version:


2021-02-24: created


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