Prusa-box Construction Manual

Printing instruction:

All our developpment was done with settings below, therefore we recommend:

  • Material: PETG, Prusament.
  • Printer / printing / filament settings : Defaut settings by Prusa
  • Infill: 60% for structure parts (8 corners parts), others parts 40%

Printed files is composed with several parts. If you need it you can separate each parts. For example if you want to print one part separatly. 
You can use the “Split to object” function in PrusaSlicer

General assembly instruction:

Like for printer assembly, we recommend :

  • Do not tighten too much screws
  • Follow step by step instruction
  • Drink, eat, sleep when required

No specific tools are required. Required tools is the same as for printer kit.

Prusa box guide :


Printing instruction

Prusa box assembly is divided in 7 steps :

Step 1: Main frame

Step 2: Air vent

Step 3: Printer feet

Step 4: Control panel

Step 5: Cable management

Step 6: Doors

Step 7: PSU

Optionnal guide :

Several options are available:

Option 1a: Raspberry PI + 3.5″ screen

Option 1b: Raspberry PI + 7″ screen

Option 2: Webcam

Option 3: Lights

Option 4: HEPA & Carbon Filter

Option 6: MMU2 integration 

Option 7: Temperature control

Comming soon:

Option 5: PSU cooled by fan

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