Prusa-box Construction Manual

Printing instruction:

All our developpment was done with settings below, therefore we recommend:

  • Material: PETG, Prusament.
  • Printer / printing / filament settings : Defaut settings by Prusa
  • Infill: 60% for structure parts (8 corners parts), others parts 40%

General assembly instruction:

Like for printer assembly, we recommend :

  • Do not tighten too much screws
  • Follow step by step instruction
  • Drink, eat, sleep when required 

No specific tools are required. Required tools is the same as for printer kit.

Prusa box guide :


Printing instruction

Prusa box assembly is divided in 7 steps :

Step 1: Main frame

Step 2: Air vent

Step 3: Printer feet

Step 4: Control panel

Step 5: Cable management

Step 6: Doors

Step 7: PSU (under validation)

Optionnal guide :

Several options are available:

Option 1: Raspberry PI

Option 2: Webcam

Option 3: Lights

Option 4: HEPA & Carbon Filter

Comming soon:

Option 5: PSU cooled by fan

Option 6: MMU2 integration 

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