Keep your filament clean, dry and ready to use!

Spool tank Black edition V1.1

Spool tank is an enclosure kit that allows you to keep your filament spool protected from dust, from humidity and ready to use.

You can choose to install it on a wall, on a shelf or on the top of the PrusaBox.
Can be equipped with spools on bearings or with auto rewind spool holder for multi material system (check here)
With our mods you can customize the enclosure to tailor your needs with : self drying by recovering the printer’s enclosure exhaust air, stack 2 spool tanks and more…

Spool tank black edition is painted in black matt. We use industrial grade powder coating paint.


Kit includes all metal parts (top, bottom, backplate, two sides), plexiglass door, stainless steel screws and nuts, two threaded rods, 24 bearings and 1 meter of PTFE tube (more information).


Printed parts are optionals and ready to print STL files are available in download section. It’s designed in order to be easily printed without support.


Our kits are manufactured in France in a top level factory.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions !

226,20  VAT included

In stock (can be backordered)|3 weeks

Includes all printed parts for the SpoolTank: hinges, locks, filament guides, corners, backplate fasteners, air vent grid, rollers (38h of printing)

Includes two parts for the filament guide chimney, and 4 adaptator feet. (13h of printing)

Why use a Spool tank ?

Protect from humidity

Enclosure for filament allows you to control humidity exposure and depending your humidity environnement applied appropriate solutions.

Protect filament from dust

Protecting filament from dust reduces dust on the extruder that can generate printing issues.

Ready to use

With large spool capacity spool tank allows you to get your filament ready to use.

Spool tank benefits

Moisture proof

Non moisture material structure!
Spool tank is made of stainless steel (no wood).

Tank! it is really a tank!

Frame is made of high quality stainless steel and PMMA translucent door.

Self drying with printer enclosure!

Air going out of the printer enclosure is injected into the spool tank to keep filament dry.
Ready to print mod for Prusabox user.

Combined with Prusabox

Spool tank + Prusabox = the ideal combinaison for Prusa users!

Wall mount

Ready to mount on a wall!

On a shelf set-up

Install it easily on the shelf on your office / room.

CNC manufacturing

We use top quality equipment: Laser cutting machine, CNC bending.

Ready to print STL plate

All printable file are easy to print.
Available in download section

Proudly made in France

Everything is designed and made to high industry standards in our factory in France.

Messenger/email support

By Facebook Messenger or Email we support all requests questions.

Contact page

Great community

Printer Box community has more than 800 members on Facebook group.

More detail

Online manual

Online documentation.
Discover the documentation

Spool mounting configurations:

On rollers spool holder

 On rolls set-up allows different capacities:

  • Narrow spool: 7pcs spools with 60mm max width 
  • Medium spool: 6pcs spools with 70mm max width 
  • Large spool: 5pcs spools with 85mm max width

Auto rewind spool holder

Auto rewind spool holder allows you to avoid multimaterial buffer issues.

Find more informations here!

What kit includes for spools mount?

Kit includes mechanical parts for on rollers spools: 2pcs threaded rods + 24pcs bearing (no printed parts included)

Mods & options

All mods & options are available for free on the Enclosure mods & options page. Some mods require additional components which are listed on each mod page.

Printed parts

Printed parts are not included in our kit, there are available as an option.

  • STL are available in download section for free.
  • You can choose to add them as an option in your Spool Tank order. Only parts for spools on rollers with bearings are available. More informations here

Humidity control kit

With dehumidifier Hydrosorbent and hygrometer, control humidity and fight moisture on your filament.
Kit includes:

  • Dehumidifier Hydrosorbent (1pc)
  • Digital thermometer and hygrometer (1pc)
  • Printed parts (2pcs)

Sealing kit option

Sealing is required for tropical country with high humidity level.
Sealing kit includes :

  • Adhesive foam
  • Adhesive aluminium. See more here



Spool tank outside dimensions :

  • Width: 452mm (17.7inch)
  • Depth: 270mm (10.7inch) without doors and front hinge
  • Height: 300mm (11.8inch) with door closed

Our kit includes

  • All metal frame black coated (5pcs) : bottom + top + left side + right side + back panel
  • Front door is made of transparent PMMA (1pcs)
  • Required stainless steel screws, nuts and pins for assembly
  • Threaded rods and bearings for spool mounting
  • 1 meter PTFE tube 3.2*4.8mm
  • You have unlimited access to STL files, assembly guide and support from our team.

The kit does NOT include printed parts. All easy to print files are available in download section.

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226,20  VAT included

In stock (can be backordered)|3 weeks

Includes all printed parts for the SpoolTank: hinges, locks, filament guides, corners, backplate fasteners, air vent grid, rollers (38h of printing)

Includes two parts for the filament guide chimney, and 4 adaptator feet. (13h of printing)

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  1. English


    Spool tank is 👏 Awesome. Minimal spool rolling resistance with bearing mounted rollers. Running my tank with printer box fan exhausting through spool tank. Adding a few desiccants to the bottom of tank also works well as the tank is well sealed. Very happy with this product and customer support….. Well Done folks👍

    • English


      Thank you Alan !

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