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Prusa Box Pro Pack
(kit version)
enclosure for Prusa mk3/mk3s/mk3s+

Get all the keypoint of the Prusabox in one complete package. Prusabox enclosure allows you to reduce warping, protect printer from dust and reduce VOC and ultrafine particules.

Prusabox Pro pack includes:

  • Prusabox classic kit components :
    • Steel frame enclosure with black industrial coating.
    • Easy maintenance access in 360° with acrylic glass doors.
    • All necessary stainless steel hardware
  • All included mod & options:
    • HEPA and carbon MAX filter
    • Temperature control system (cooling by fan)
    • High quality 120 lumens LED light.
    • Inside spool holder with bearings.
    • Fast top enclosure removing with quick removable bottom corners.
    • 3mm acrylic glass doors instead of 2mm on the classic kit.
    • Noise and vibration reduction system with elastomer printer feets.
    • All necessary printed parts.

The enclosure comes fully in kit : you will need around 5 hours to assemble it.

See below for options details

Our enclosures are manufactured in France in a top level factory.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

502,80  VAT included

419,00  VAT excluded

Leadtime 2-4 business days

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Reduce warping

Most of the time, when you start 3d printing, you can get warping failure. An enclosure, by controlling ambient temperature, reduce warping situation.

Protect printer
from dust

Protecting bearings, rods, belts, and gears from dust increases the lifetime of your printer.

Volatile Organic Compounds 

3D printing creates plastic fumes (VOCs) and ultrafine particules.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction test made in usual printing conditions.

All is included!

Buy this kit and don’t worry about getting options : they are all included !

No compromise, get full options!

Robust black frame

Frame is made of high quality steel and with industrial grade black coating.

MAX HEPA & Carbon filter

  • With MAX HEPA filter: improved reduction of ultra fine particule generated by 3d printing.
  • With Carbon filter: reduce disagreeable smell when printing technical material

Temperature control system

Control temperature increase printing quality.

LED strip light

Enjoy your enclosure with LED strip light.

Inside spool holder

Keep your spool protected inside the enclosure!

5 doors for easy access

For all maintenance operations we need access on all sides: loading filament, cleaning the bed, tightening belts, lub rods…

Fast top removing

Access to the whole printer in few seconds with the our inovating bottom corners that allow fast top removing.

CNC manufacturing 

We use top quality equipment: Laser cutting machine, CNC bending.

Proudly made in France

Everything is designed and made to high industry standards in our factory in France.

Email or Messenger

By Facebook Messenger or Email we support all requests questions.


Choose your color

We offer 3 colors for Prusabox pro pack printed parts.

Some parts hidden in the box are printed in black.

Control panel

Prusabox can be equiped with :

  • Model A: Straight with control panel + temp control + LED button
  • Model B: Angled control panel + temp control + LED button
  • Model C: Angled modular control panel ready for Raspberry PI and 5inch waveshare screen and LED switch.
    Temperature control is located on the right side of the box


Prusa PSU model

Prusa is now delivering mk3s printer with black PSU. Silver PSU was delivered with first mk3s batches.
Please choose the one installed on your printer to get the right PSU mounting brackets.

Power adapator plug

You can choose power plug regarding to your location.



    Prusa-Box pro pack is designed for Prusa mk3s. Dimensions:

    • Inside: width: 450mm (17.7inch) x depth: 548mm (21.6inch) x height: 448mm (17.7inch)
    • Outside: width: 452mm (17.7inch) x depth: 550mm (21.6inch) x height: 450mm (17.7inch)

    Pro pack includes:

    • All frame parts with black coating (9pcs)
    • All doors (5pcs)
    • MAX HEPA & Carbon filter
    • Hight static pressure fan for filter.
    • Temperature control board with wiring
    • LED with switch and wiring
    • Power adaptator for LED and FAN.
    • 2pcs bearings and PTFE tube 3.2*4.8mm for inside spool holder.
    • All required stainless steel screws, nuts and pins for assembly.
    • All required printed parts.

    Get the best enclosure now!

    502,80  VAT included

    419,00  VAT excluded

    Leadtime 2-4 business days

    Secure Payments By

    Prusa-Box Pro pack reviews

    2 reviews for Prusabox Pro pack (kit version)

    1. English

      Joe Ball

      The housing is amazingly beautiful and the mods included with the package are well worth it. Found very little issues with the Printed Parts themselves, nothing that was a problem. Packaging was a lot smaller than you think it would be, but I promise everything was included and very securely. Setup guide needs to be a bit more clear on the website, found myself jumping between multiple pages to figure out what to do on some steps but I was able to complete it successfully. Very extremely happy with this and shipping took no time at all internationally. Have since then bought more from this company and 100% recommend them to anyone reading.

    2. English

      Robert Puszko

      Jakość obudowy metalowej bez zarzutów. Bardzo szybka dostawa i komunikacja ze sprzedawcą.
      Elementy drukowane w 90% wykonane bardzo dobrze, ale niektóre większe części z dopuszczalnymi jak dla PET ubytkami.
      Osobiście, jedynie obudowa zasilacza wewnątrz która jest trochę zdeformowana, sądzę że mogłaby być wymieniona.
      Wszystkie części spakowane bardzo dobrze, tylko niepotrzebnie wciśnięte w obie (górną i dolną obudowę metalową), stąd znaczące wygięcie górnej przedniej części obudowy, widoczne z zewnątrz.
      Co do reszty, brak jakichkolwiek zastrzeżeń i ogólna moja subiektywna ocena produktu to 4+.
      Jestem bardzo zadowolony z zakupu i polecam tego producenta.

      • English


        Thank you Robert for your feedback ! Here is the english translation :

        The quality of the metal housing is impeccable. Very fast delivery and communication with the seller.
        90% of printed elements are made very well, but some larger parts with defects acceptable for PET.
        Personally, only the power supply housing inside which is a bit deformed, I think it could be replaced.
        All parts packed very well, only unnecessarily squeezed into both (upper and lower metal housing), hence the significant bending of the upper front part of the housing, visible from the outside.
        As for the rest, no complaints and my overall subjective rating of the product is 4+.
        I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this manufacturer.

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