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Prusa-box Mk3s+ with Spool Tank

Get all the keypoint of Prusabox and Spool Tank in one complete package. Prusabox enclosure allows you to reduce warping, protect printer from dust and reduce VOC and ultrafine particules. Spool Tank allows you to manage your spools and keep them protected.

Prusa-box equipped with Mk3s+ Prusa printer and Spool Tank:

    • Automatic bed levelling
    • Printing volume 250x250x210 mm
    • Hotend E3D V6 for 1.75 mm filament and 0.4mm nozzle
    • Layer height 0.05-0.3 5mm
    • Maximum nozzle temperature 300°C
    • Maximum bed temperature 120°C
    • Temperature control system
    • Print generator software
    • Power consumption 80W-120W
    • Up to 7 spools in Spool Tank


The enclosures come fully assembled with printer ready to use !

See below for options details

Our enclosures are manufactured in France in a top level factory.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

2.383,80  VAT included

1.986,50  VAT excluded

Leadtime 3 weeks

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Everything you need is here!

Plug the power supply unit, send your file to the printer, and that’s it !

You are ready to print !

No compromise, get full options!

Robust black frame

Frame is made of high quality steel and with industrial grade black coating.

HEPA & Carbon filter

  • With HEPA filter: reduce ultra fine particule generated by 3d printing.
  • With Carbon filter: reduce disagreeable smell when printing technical material

Temperature control system

Control temperature increase printing quality.

LED strip light

Enjoy your enclosure with LED strip light.

Inside spool holder

Keep your spool protected inside the enclosure!

5 doors for easy access

For all maintenance operations we need access on all sides: loading filament, cleaning the bed, tightening belts, lub rods…

Fast top removing


Access to the whole printer in few seconds with the our inovating bottom corners that allow fast top removing.

Filament sensor



Detects whether a strand of filament is inserted into the extruder.

Removable print sheets

Smooth and textured sheets to easily remove printed objects from print surface.

CNC manufacturing

We use top quality equipment: Laser cutting machine, CNC bending.

Proudly made in France

Everything is designed and made to high industry standards in our factory in France.

Email or Messenger

By Facebook Messenger or Email we support all requests questions.

Wide range of materials


Reduce warping

Most of the time, when you start 3d printing, you can get warping failure. An enclosure, by controlling ambient temperature, reduce warping situation.

Humidity control kit

With dehumidifier Hydrosorbent and hygrometer, control humidity and fight moisture on your filament.

On rollers spool holder

  • Narrow spool: 7pcs spools with 60mm max width
  • Medium spool: 6pcs spools with 70mm max width
  • Large spool: 5pcs spools with 85mm max width



Choose your color

We offer 3 colors for Prusabox pro pack printed parts.

Some parts hidden in the box are printed in black.

Improved Hotend

We offer to change the genuine hot end by the E3D Revo Six. Less material leaking equals less failed print !


Power adapator plug

You can choose power plug regarding to your location.


Prusa-box Mk3s+ is designed for Prusa Mk3s+. Dimensions:

  • Inside: width: 450mm (17.7inch) x depth: 548mm (21.6inch) x height: 448mm (17.7inch)
  • Outside: width: 452mm (17.7inch) x depth: 550mm (21.6inch) x height: 450mm (17.7inch)
Get the best enclosure now!

2.383,80  VAT included

1.986,50  VAT excluded

Leadtime 3 weeks

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