Printer-Box 3d printer enclosure

The Best Home For Your Printer

Printer Box is manufacturing 3d Printer enclosure kit
for Prusa mk3s, mk2.5s, bear kit

Why buy a box ?

Reduce printing noise

Keep printing noise inside
the enclosure

Reduce warping

Controlling air temperature reduce warping failure risk

Remove VOC

Filtering air helps to remove Volatile Organic Compound 

Protect printer from dust

Protecting bearing, rods, belt, gear from dust 

Discover all features !

Need Unicorn feet? 

How it works ?

The best home for your printer


Printer-box users:

5 reviews for Prusa-box 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

  1. Brett Ellis

    A lot of thought has gone into this box. Well designed with easy access to the printer.

  2. Christian Refle

    The enclosure is great. If you have ideas you can communicate them to the developer and then respond to them. I am very happy to finally have a suitable and customizable housing.

  3. Paul Kingwell

    I am very pleased with the enclosure it was relatively easy to put together and reduces the sound of the printer.
    Because of its compact size i can fit it on my desk with my computer.

  4. D. Otto

    Super happy about my enclosure. For a version 1 product the fit and finish is really incredible. I love that STEPs are included for customization.

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Last news

Prusa holes & nut slot dimensions

Prusa holes & nut slot dimensions

Always when I am designing 3d printed parts, I wonder what will be dimensions on the real part. Especially on holes for screw and nut slot. I made a small analyse on the Prusa Mk3s STL files : We can see that then is a range of size for the same purpose : M3 nut hole:...

Rapsberry PI with Octoprint power supply

Rapsberry PI with Octoprint power supply

1) Components: For my first DIY enclosure I used a big power supply similar to 3d printers power supply. For this project I decided to use an 12V 5A AC adapter from Amazon for 12$: In order to plug the Raspberry, we need to supply 5V and I choose...

Camera bracket

Camera bracket

For adding the camera bracket we design an easy printed rail. This rail is mounted using the same screw as front hinge door. For easy adjustement regarding require timelapse configuration, Camera can be install on the full height. Rail can be used for adding other...

MMU2S configuration for Prusa Box

MMU2S configuration for Prusa Box

Prusa Box MMU2S configuration will be available. We are trying to get: no modification on MMU2S unit no modification on Prusa Box stainless steel part as low as possible air leakage.  Our idea is to do a sliding flap linked to MMU selector.  We have to check: Cable...

Spool holder inside or outside

Spool holder inside or outside

When we are designing an enclosure we think that spool can be inside or outside the enclosure. Thanks to community feedback, we can see that both position has advantage : Filament spool outside: Outside in its own air sealed or anti humidity box Easier spool change...

Hex key to screw driver transformer

HEPA carbon filter

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