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The Best 3d Printer Enclosure

Printer Box is a small company from France.
Our goals is simple: create the best 3d printer enclosure for the consumer.

Why buy a box ?

Reduce printing noise

Keep printing noise inside
the enclosure

Reduce warping

Controlling air temperature reduce warping failure risk

Remove VOC

Filtering air helps to remove Volatile Organic Compound 

Protect printer from dust

Protecting bearing, rods, belt, gear from dust 

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Need Unicorn feet? 

Last news

Prototype 50% done and planning update

Prototype 50% done and planning update

Main frame assembly:   Assembling of main frame was done quickly and no part adjustment was required ! Structure seams to be really strong. With first user feedback, I will check if we can reduce screws quantity. Screws was perfectly aligned with holes and nuts....

LCD & Raspberry case news design

LCD & Raspberry case news design

In order to get correct position of Raspberry power cable, I redesigned the case. Thanks to your feedback, LCD back is now completely closed and Raspberry PI is also closed. Raspberry PI can be cooled with and optional 30mm fan with outside air.  LCD back is...

Hex key to screw driver transformer

HEPA carbon filter

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