Option 6: mmu2 integration

1. Original bracket and mmu2 board cover:

Unscrew the 4 x m3 screws to remove original bracket and the 2 x xm3 screw to disassemble the electronic mmu board cover.

2. Cable extender:

Disconnect the pulley motor (yellow) and the selector motor (red) and add cable extender.

Depending of your mmu2 delivery date, motor cable haven’t the same length. Cable extender is not always required for both motors.

3. Mounting part:

Assemble the mmu2 mounting part with mmu2 unit.

/!\ To preserve PTFE tube,mounting part have to be mounted at the right distance: 183-184mm from left side of enclosure.

4. Slider:

Slider must slide freely. depedending of your print quality, you could have to remove the edge.

Slider lock is done with a m3 screw. 
/!\ don’t screw it entirely.

5. Transparent doors:

Install the new transparent doors.

6. mmu2 electronic board:

Install the mmu2 board base with 1 x m3-6 screw from inside of the enclosure.

/!\ check that cable is no squeezed

7. Preflight check:

/!\ PTFE tube: PTFE shoud be enough longer but in any case, you have to check if the PTFE is enough long to reach Y axis extremity with lower Z.

mmu2  mounting part is finished !


Congratulations you finish option 6!

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