Remove VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from your house!

1. Components :

2. Print:

Files are inside the ZIP file.

For this option, print file: quantity 1:

#1 : option04_HEPA_filter.STL

3. Assembly:

1. Air flow schematics:

Air comes inside the enclosure through the air entry on the bottom left of the enclosure.

The fan is extracting hot air (with VOC compounds) out of the enclosure through the HEPA and carbon filter.

An optional air entry can be installed in order to cool the mainboard.

2. Filter assembly:

5x M3x12 screws + 5 x M3 square nuts : to fix the filter to your enclosure
2x M3x10 screws + 2 x M3 square nuts: to close the filter

The filter can be installed in the top frame part of the Prusabox enclosure.


Most fans have an arrow on the side that indicate the air flow direction.

/!\ Install the fan with the arrow in the direction of the HEPA and carbon filter.


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