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Prusa Box Kasten
for Prusa mk2/3
and many more

Prusabox is an enclosure kit that’s allows you to reduce warping, protect printer from dust and reduce VOC and ultrafine particules.

Kit includes everything you need for the frame structure and doors. With our mods you can customize the enclosure to tailor your needs with: HEPA & carbon filter, lights, Raspberry PI, Screen, spool holder, thermometer, temperature control and more…
Printed parts are not included in the kit and ready to print STL files are available in download section. It’s designed in order to be easily printed without support.

Our kits are manufactured in France in a top level factory.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

239,40  VAT included

199,50  ohne Mehrwertsteuer

Vorrätig | Lead time: 2 to 3 business days

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Warping reduzieren

Wenn Sie mit dem 3D-Drucken beginnen, kann es in den meisten Fällen zu einem Warpingsfehler kommen. Ein Gehäuse, das die Umgebungstemperatur kontrolliert, reduziert das Warping.

Drucker vor Staub schützen

Der Schutz von Lagern, Stangen, Riemen und Getrieben vor Staub erhöht die Lebensdauer Ihres Druckers.

Volatile Organic Compounds

3D printing creates plastic fumes (VOCs) and ultrafine particules.

More detail on HEPA filter and Carbon filter

Prusa-Box Vorteile

Robust frame

Frame is made of high quality stainless steel and PMMA translucent doors.

In /out side spool holder

  • Inside spool holder: Keep your spool protected inside the enclosure. More details
  • Top spool holder: Use the Prusa genuine spool holder. More details

PSU and Einsy cooling

Mit einer eigenen Entlüftung im Gehäuse führen wir der Stromversorgung Außenluft zu.

Dedicated air vent bring also outside air to Einsy. More details

5 doors for easy access

For all maintenance operations we need access on all sides: loading filament, cleaning the bed, tightening belts, lub rods…

Druckfertige STL-Platte

Alle druckbaren Dateien sind einfach zu drucken.
Verfügbar im Download-Bereich

Noise reduction

Noise reduction test made in usual printing conditions.

CNC manufacturing

Wir verwenden höchster Qualität Geräte: Laserschneidmaschine, CNC-Biegen.

Online manual

Online-Dokumentation mit 7 Etappen.
Entdecken Sie die Dokumentation

Proudly made in France

Everything is designed and made to high industry standards in our factory in France.

Messenger/email support

By Facebook Messenger or Email we support all requests questions.

Contact page

Große Community

Printer Box community has more than 400 members on Facebook group.

More detail

They speak about us

“Could This Be The Best 3D Printer Enclosure?” by fabbaloo.com

Full article

We have one in development for quite some time as bigger projects have priorities. But yours look excellent, I wish you a great succes” 💪 By Josef Prusa

On twitter

[FR] “Printer-box : Le caisson haut de gamme pour votre imprimante” by leblog3d.fr

Full article

Mods & options

All mods & options are available for free onEnclosure mods & options page. Some mods require additional components which are listed on each mod page.


With heating extruder and bed inside the enclosure, it is a mandatory to control temperature to prevent issue.

More detail

HEPA & Kohlefilter

Our filtering solution with High pressure fan and Carbon & HEPA filter help you to remove VOC.

More detail

LED strip light

Enjoy your enclosure with LED strip light.

More detail

Octoprint ready

Octoprint allow you to remote control your printer and to monitor during printing.


Bedienfeld und Touchscreen

Prusabox relocate Prusa display out of the enclosure.

Several screen dimensions can be used: 3.5″ 4″ 5″
More detail

Webcam & PIcam

Mounting bracket are available to integrate webcam or PIcam.

More detail

MMU2 Integration

Prusabox is fully compatible with MMU2 multi material device.

Additional kit &More detail

More mods available…

Choose your color and assemble your kit!



    Prusa-Box ist für Prusa mk3s und mk2s konzipiert. Daher passt sie auch auf einen Prusa mini und andere Drucker mit ähnlichen oder kleineren Abmessungen.

    • Inside: width: 450mm (17.7inch) x depth: 548mm (21.6inch) x height: 448mm (17.7inch)
    • Outside: width: 452mm (17.7inch) x depth: 550mm (21.6inch) x height: 450mm (17.7inch)

    Our kit includes

    • Alle Edelstahlteile (7 Stücke): unten + oben + 4 Ecken + 3 Quertraverse
    • Alle Türen sind aus transparentem PMMA (5 Stücke) gemacht: vorne + hinten + links + rechts + oben
    • Erforderliche Schrauben, Muttern und Stifte für die Montage
    • Sie haben unbegrenzten Zugriff auf STL-Dateien und Montageanleitungen

    Der Bausatz enthält KEINE gedruckten Teile. All easy to print files are available in download section.

    Get your kit now!

    239,40  VAT included

    199,50  ohne Mehrwertsteuer

    Vorrätig | Lead time: 2 to 3 business days

    Secure Payments By

    Prusa-Box user reviews

    13 reviews for Prusa-box 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

    1. jimskillen

      I looked at the rest and went for the best! I am very pleased with my PrusaBox, it is a well thought out and constructed piece of equipment. It definitely has been designed by people who use the Prusa printer and what makes it stand out from the crowd is the great source of STL and STEP files along with a multitude of layout arrangements. Easy to build and I did a lot of additions before and during the build. Would highly recommend it to anyone who has a Prusa 3D printer, it’s the bees knees!

    2. Michal Gomula

      Great Box !!! , I don’t regret it, well worth the money. I recommend it to anyone who wants a neat and practical home for their MK3S

    3. Michi

      very good Product only the dampeners for the feet are reducing the print quality so I switched them back to the original ones and everything is fine since them. if you need a Box for your printer definitely go for it but don’t buy the rubber feet.

      • Julien

        Hi Michi, thank you for your feedback.
        Can you send more information on trouble you have with the dampers?
        We have a lot of good feedback on it so it is very interesting to get more information on your issue.
        Have a nice day
        Printer-box team

    4. Will

      Sure the doc could be better but I see daily improvements on that.

      The quality is great, the support and contacts are awesome and very pleasant.

      The solution shines when you start digging into the number of options and STL files the company provides for free to extend the capabilities of your box.

      You can even tap into the provided STEP files to customize / fix / improve all the mods.

      What is not great are the doors, they are “OK” but a little thin. They do work and if you are lucky and get flat ones, but due to the tickness, they tend to arrive bent. I will consider an upgrade on that front with thicker plexigas. This is something that could be added as option IMHO.

      Finally, if you look into the business for such a quality, you will realize that the pricing is more than fair.

      Well done folks, keep having fun, I am looking forward to see how the V2 will look like 🙂

      • Julien

        Hi Will, Thank you for your feedback.
        Yes new documentation is in progress and we should release it soon.
        There is no V2 planned at this moment. We are improving our product step by step, as usual.
        Thanks a new time for your feedback here and by email.

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