Printer-Box 3d printer enclosure

The Best Home For Your Printer

Printer Box is manufacturing 3d Printer enclosure kits
for Prusa mk3s, mk2.5s, bear kits, Caribou 3d

Why buy a box ?

Protect printer from dust

Protect bearings, rods, belts, and gears from dust

Reduce printing noise

Keep printing noises inside
the enclosure

Reduce warping

Controlling air temperature reduces warping failure risks

Remove VOC

Filtering air helps to remove Volatile Organic Compounds 

Our solutions:

Protect your Prusa Printers

Protect your Caribou3d printers

Protect your filament

Full package:
Printers with enclosure

3D Printing farm

We offer 5 differents pack:

Buy a kit

Minimum kit is available for maker.
Available in stainless steel part or black edition.
All required printed parts are available in download section.

Buy printed parts

Printed parts are available in orange / black / blue.

Buy full kit with printed parts

Prusabox pro pack kit is the best solutions for users that want all required parts in one package.

Buy pre assembled enclosure

For companies with already some printers, Prusabox pro pack pre assembled kit are the best solutions.


Buy complet solutions

We offer complet solutions for companies, tested and ready to print.

Assembled by our users:

Printer-box users:

16 reviews for Prusa-box 3d enclosure for Prusa mk3s mk2.5s

  1. English

    Michal Gomula

    Great Box !!! , I don’t regret it, well worth the money. I recommend it to anyone who wants a neat and practical home for their MK3S

  2. English


    very good Product only the dampeners for the feet are reducing the print quality so I switched them back to the original ones and everything is fine since them. if you need a Box for your printer definitely go for it but don’t buy the rubber feet.

    • Avatar photo


      Hi Michi, thank you for your feedback.
      Can you send more information on trouble you have with the dampers?
      We have a lot of good feedback on it so it is very interesting to get more information on your issue.
      Have a nice day
      Printer-box team

  3. English


    Sure the doc could be better but I see daily improvements on that.

    The quality is great, the support and contacts are awesome and very pleasant.

    The solution shines when you start digging into the number of options and STL files the company provides for free to extend the capabilities of your box.

    You can even tap into the provided STEP files to customize / fix / improve all the mods.

    What is not great are the doors, they are “OK” but a little thin. They do work and if you are lucky and get flat ones, but due to the tickness, they tend to arrive bent. I will consider an upgrade on that front with thicker plexigas. This is something that could be added as option IMHO.

    Finally, if you look into the business for such a quality, you will realize that the pricing is more than fair.

    Well done folks, keep having fun, I am looking forward to see how the V2 will look like 🙂

    • Avatar photo


      Hi Will, Thank you for your feedback.
      Yes new documentation is in progress and we should release it soon.
      There is no V2 planned at this moment. We are improving our product step by step, as usual.
      Thanks a new time for your feedback here and by email.

  4. English

    Robin P

    I will have more to add later but for now, my comment is that the assembly instructions are terrible, terrible, terrible. I am muddling through the assembly, but am upset at how awful the instructions are. Very frustrating.

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